I confess that sometimes my emotions make me do crazy things.
I admit I love being a woman but I don't always feel feminine.
I agree that sometimes I like to be protagonist and sometimes I would like to be invisible.
I recognize that in occasions I live to the limit, and other times I feel intimidated.
I accept my delicacy, although usually i'm very strong.
I confess that increasingly, I let myself do what I want.
I admit that I like to give more than I should give and love more than I should love.
I confess that although I feel very loved... I live in an eternal search to love... always more.

I agree, dignified and humble, that sometimes, just sometimes ... I'm a



Isa Valdez

At the age of 6 or 7 she already designed her own clothes, she didn't understand why she had to dress like other girls, she drew and her mother made it , at the age of 13 she already sewed for herself and her friends.

She is graduated from CEDIM since 1993 in Monterrey, a city where she got her first job with Ramon Guerrero.

She put her first workshop in her home state, Sonora.

Later, she moved to Guadalajara City, where she worked for a bride houses company, as a designer and sampling.

Empower woman in an assembly plant for Sonora DIF system.

She taught at 3 universities in her state, in the area of fashion design.

After that, she began her namesake brand in 2011, the same that in 2014 evolves to MALAMADA.
She has appeared three times in Intermoda collection Guadalajara.

She was a guest on Google + Fashion in October 2014, presenting her collection "Aurora 2014" in Mexico City.

She received a honor mention as "2014 New Talent" by the Fashion Group Mexico in Mexico City in November 2014.



Our inspiration always moves around the women's emotions. Each collection tells a story,
that's why each collection is completely different from the previous one.


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